Prayer Resource

At Heart Hospital of Lafayette, we have designed an environment of healing to set the tone for your hospital stay. Rooms are comfortable and conducive to rest, and are large enough to accommodate family and friends to support your progress. Our healing ministry includes a Catholic Chaplain, Eucharistic Ministers and Protestant Pastoral Care volunteers to minister to your spiritual needs on a routine basis.

Our Chapel of the Heart is located off the main lobby, near the Patient Care Unit. This tranquil space provides a quiet setting for those who seek a respite conducive to prayer and meditation.

Prayer for Surgery

God of Health and Wholeness,
We gather this morning to pray
For our dear friend (insert name)
as we desire for her to be restored
to the balance of good health.

We pray for a successful surgery and for the
Medical staff who will be working with him/her
so that, he/she may fully recover,
and return with renewed zeal
to the daily life that we share.

Laying of Hands

(insert name), with abounding hope and faith,
We now place our hands upon you
as we call forth the healing power of God.
Divine Healer and Lord of Wholeness,
Together we place ourselves in Your Hands.
Give our (insert name) peace of mind and renewed heart,
Free him/her from fear and worry and give him/her
Courage and hope.
Bring healing to the weakened parts of his/her body
and through this prayer comfort him/her with you
Love and mercy.


(insert name), may you be blessed
With the power and love of God,
And the affection of those who love you.
We pray in Jesus name. Amen

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